Mastering The SEO Process

SEO is going to help me do what, exactly? How many times have you heard this phrase uttered by a fed-up business owner who's been on the ropes trying to perfect their SEO game for ages? How many times have you muttered it to yourself when you were in the same situation? You might be [...]

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5 Easy Onsite SEO Hacks that Will Boost Your Site’s Rankings

Your website is the single greatest portal for new customers to discover your business. And good onsite SEO is what opens up that portal to more and more potential customers. Imagine your website is a shop and, like any business owner, you want more customers visiting your shop every day. Are you going to get more [...]

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6 Tricks for Getting A Bump in Traffic from Local SEO

There are so many blogs and tutorials about how to rank for Local SEO, they can teach you techniques but unfortunately, they will not guarantee a Page One listing (Frustrating!). Why? The issue comes down to space as there is only room for a couple of listings on Page One. If your company is in [...]

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Important Updates to Google Map’s Local Business Listing Algorithm Affecting Spam Listings

If your business relies solely on local business listing results in Google Maps then this post will be very useful to you. Google recently filed a patent that will change local maps results listings to filter out all the duplicate or "spammy" results. The patent was recently granted on June 21, 2016. The patent states, "A [...]

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SEO Strategy Blueprint for Your Website: Parts 3 & 4

Last time we discussed Parts 1 & 2 of this SEO strategy which were “Defining Your Objectives” and developing your “Keyword Strategy”. If you missed that post you can find it here. This time we will be addressing the next steps in creating a solid SEO strategy for your website whether doing this in house [...]

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How to Get SEO Juice from From Internal Linking

Every time the marketing industry stabilizes a new gold standard for SEO optimization, Google releases new updates and initiatives that tell us that we’re wrong about our findings. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get the most out of your internal linking without getting dinged by Google. Below, we’ve curated some of the [...]

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SEO Strategy Blueprint for Your Website: Parts 1 & 2

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be overly complicated or a mystery to you and your business partners. In order for the SEO campaigns to be most successful you should have an idea about what each part of the strategy entails. You should know why you’re doing it to avoid confusion and frustration with [...]

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Local SEO – How can I get my website to rank on Page 1 of Google for Local SEO?

What is a website? A website is, at the end of the day, a series of pages with content.  All of these pages are connected to each other through links on each site. Editing content within each page, making sure the links are strong, and encouraging others to link back to the pages on your site [...]

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How To use Google Adwards Effectively

Google AdWords is a great tool for any website.  So, why are more businesses not using it?  The answer can be surprising.  Most business owners don’t know how to use the tool correctly. The truth is that it is a very simple tool to use.  Once you know how to make use of it, you can create [...]

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SEO Consulting made easy

Thank you for coming to Full Scale SEO! SEO Consulting and online media buying made simple. Please reach out to me if you need help gaining more visibility online.My team and I are working on creating a great and informative site. Connect with Chris Romero on Linkedin if you can. If I met you Wednesday [...]

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