Trying to learn SEO is a difficult process. Especially if your product is not legal in all 50 states.

There are some strategies that will be more difficult than others to execute. And SEO is all about finding the right combination of tactics to help your CBD company URL rank.

But you’re not alone in this journey of discovery. We’ve gathered some of the best ways to figure out your SEO strategy.

Read on to find out what they are.

The Marijuana Industry Online

The Marijuana industry is unique to the online world. Today, the topic remains controversial and the internet isn’t any different. As a result of federal laws, Google does not allow businesses in the marijuana industry to use Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a system where companies can bid on certain keywords and pay to have their URLs featured in the search results. This is a quick way for organizations to get to the top of the first page.

Since marijuana businesses do not get access to this tool it is even more crucial to create an SEO strategy. Another way the online world is different for the industry is that marijuana dispensaries also cannot be found on Google.

Use Tools to Learn SEO

To get good at SEO and develop a good strategy you’re going to need all the right tools. Don’t be afraid to use free resources there are many of them online.

Websites like offer online courses that you can take to learn SEO. Some of them even will give you a certificate after!

There are also blogs and podcasts that will give you easy to understand information on SEO algorithms and tactics. Make that all the tools you use are coming from credible sources.

Don’t just trust any blog to give you important industry advice. Look for information that offers data and analysis, anecdotes cannot always be trustworthy. And when you feel like you’ve found a good tactic test it!

Create Great Content with Keywords

Great content is the foundation for a good SEO strategy. And if you want to learn SEO you’ll want to learn how to blog first. In order to help consumers search you, you need to offer them some value.

Start a blog for your CBD company and make posts weekly. If you write often you will get better at the skill. Add a call to action for your CBD such as this one: shop now. That gives easy access to purchasing CBD oil.

Research what problem your customers have that makes them need your services. Then start using the language they use to search for it. Use keyword research to find out which words will be more strategic for you to reach for and don’t use them too much.

Finding the right balance of keywords to content is key.

Start Practicing SEO Every Day

The biggest thing you’ll need to do to learn SEO is to just get started. Take small steps throughout your day to practice what you are learning.

Whether it be writing a small blog post here and there and incorporating your keywords. The more you test the strategies you learn the more your SEO improves. Consider optimizing your social media first if you want to start slow.

More Tips to Improve Your Business

Learning SEO will be a long process and seeing it start to make a difference can take even longer. But it will all pay off when you start to see your company climb the rankings.

So hang tight and keep using your tools and testing them! To learn more about how to improve your business with SEO check out our blog.