Full Scale SEO Backlinks strategy generates overall ROI for client of 214%

Having neglected optimising their site in the past, Full Scale SEO was approached with an immediate need to build the client’s organic presence from the ground up. With a reputation for turning clients sites around and an established expertise in developing high quality, authoritative links will a natural profile, Full Scale took the job on with enthusiasm.

Working closely with experts in our clients niche we create a range of interactive and static assets in our link building initiative to rejuvenate our clients link profile and grow their site’s organic visibility, traffic and leads. Here were our results:

With links from niche specific domains we added authority to our our clients domain resulting in a tremendous increase in organic traffic and leads. In the first 6 months these metrics increased by 108% and 137% in the following 3 months. This created an overall ROI from SEO of 214%

Increasing the domain authority of our clients domain by creating links, correlated directly with an increase in search engine visibility.

This provided an overall improvement in organic visibility.

On-site SEO improvements boosts clients rankings by more than 122 spots on Google

Asked to conduct general SEO for a client, Full Scale quickly conducted their initial website audit. The results brought to light some crucial areas that need immediate improvement. Although Full Scale’s audits take into account virtually all of the 200 ranking signals Google calculates into its algorithm, major issues were found in the areas of Meta Data, Content, and Site Speed. Here was our strategy:

Fix Meta Data issues. Keywords were quickly incorporated into title tags with verbiage that was compelling and click provoking. Title tags play an important role in ranking for keywords, as well as attracting clicks by containing a strong call to action. H1s and H2s were promptly cleaned up to remove duplicate tags and add missing tags. These headers were also given compelling contents to lure visitors.

Add content. Full Scale set off on a campaign to thoroughly educate themselves on their clients business and subsequently started producing high quality informative content to send all of their links to. The combination of consistent informative content with a steady of links is crucial to becoming relevant on Google.

Speed up the site. An in depth look at issues with the clients sites webspeed turned up multiple areas for improvement including minimizing redirects and excessive http requests. These were taken care of the site began running quicker and smoother. Site speed is not only a ranking factor for Google, but is crucial to providing a user experience that keep visitors engaged.

Here were the results for some important keywords:

The client began to see results almost immediately and within just two months moved from hardly ranking on the second page for many keywords to consistently ranking in the top 5 in Google search results. Within those two months their top 7 keywords jumped a total of 122 spots in Google rankings.