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Affordable Law Firm SEO Practices That Work

 August 31, 2018

By  Colleen Romero

With almost 48,000 law firms in the US today, how is your law practice going to stand out? In this day and age, law firm SEO is crucial for the success of your practice.

But, how are you supposed to focus on preparing an SEO strategy when you’re busy preparing for court? You shouldn’t have to. This is where getting a professional comes in. If you have never worked with an SEO team before the idea of comparing them can seem daunting.

This post will give you what your SEO strategy should focus on so you can have a frame of reference before you start looking. Here we share our best SEO practices that actually work to boost the rankings of your website.

Law Firm SEO: What’s Missing From Your Legal SEO Strategy

When thinking about law firm SEO services you want to start with your website. Then, there needs to be a focus on building your local relevance. Adding quality content to your site is the third key to boosting rankings for your firm.

We will go over each of these areas and give you all the information you need to know on how to create a solid strategy for your law firm SEO.

Perform An In-Depth Audit Of Your Website

Strategic SEO for law firms needs to start with an audit of your current website. Performing an in-depth website audit prior to starting your campaign gives you the opportunity to fix any on-site issues that could interfere with your SEO down the road.

This audit should include a breakdown report of your entire website and anything you need to fix from an SEO perspective. Some of the fixes will be simple things like changing the alt tags on your featured images or re-writing the description slugs of your pages.

There could be other problems that would need to be solved by your web developer. Addressing these issues prior to the start of your SEO campaign is going to get you much better results at the end.

Fixing problems with indexing, ability to crawl pages, and other more complicated errors will allow for Google to easily index the site once your SEO campaign has started. You want to make sure your website is as friendly to search engine bots as possible so it’s easier for them to reward your site with rankings.

Start With A Strong Local SEO Campaign

While there are national law firms that handle clients all over the country, most law firms practice in their local area. Any business that’s primary customer base is within a 100-200 mile radius from their business location needs to be doing local SEO.

Local SEO means getting your law firm to show up in local searches for a variety of keywords. The goal of a local SEO campaign should be to get you into the top 3 Google maps listings. In the industry, these spots are known as the 3-pack or Google snack pack. This is where people are most likely to look first when trying to find a local service.

Check out tips and tricks we suggest for local SEO here. Another good idea to help local SEO on your website is to make sure to include your primary areas of practice in the main navigation menus of your homepage.

Most websites will have these in a drop down menu but it’s more effective to give each area it’s own link on your main nav bar. When Google crawls your site their bots will be able to tell what areas are relevant to your business right away instead of having to dig through all your pages to figure it out.

Focus On SEO Quality Content

When discussing best SEO practices for law firms or otherwise, a quality content strategy is key. This is a new age of internet information. You can no longer afford to not be placing high-quality content on your website.

With the new quality rating guidelines released by Google earlier this year, content is more important than ever. Make sure you are creating impressive bios for all the employees in your practice for the “About Us” page. Make sure any contributors to your blog have a substantial author’s bio which explains why they are qualified to write about the topic.

Gone are the days where you could post an over keyword stuff piece of fluff content on your site and get it to rank. You need to be providing a value to your readers and potential clients. Provide a clear and concise answer to the problem within the post as well. Google will reward this by boosting your rankings.

Doing proper keyword research before writing any content is also important. If your target audience is not looking for the content you’re creating then you will be writing into a void. Keep the copy relevant to the things your clients are searching for. This means they will be more likely to turn to you for the answers to their questions.


Legal Search Engine Optimization Needs A Local SEO Focus

Since it is rare that a client will call your law firm to represent them from across the country, local SEO needs to be your top priority. Getting your law firm to the top of the Google Maps 3-Pack is your best bet at getting your law practice in front of new customers right around the block.

Before you start doing business with any SEO professional ask them about their experience with local SEO and on-page SEO. A service that does lots of this type of work will be happy to tell you about their approach. Any great SEO services business that focuses on small business should be well-versed in local SEO and it’s importance.

Want to learn more about Local SEO strategy? Check out our complete guide here.

Would you like to find out if the SEO team you’re looking at is worth their salt? Have questions about where to begin with your SEO strategy? We are happy to give you a consultation. You can contact us here.



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